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About Us


Our Story

We are family owned and operated since 1981 serving our community with the freshest meat, seafood, produce and groceries from around the world.

We opened our first location in 1981 as Vien Dong 1 Supermarket with a tiny shop in Linda Vista.  It only had 2 aisles.  You went down one, did a u-turn and back up the other. 


In 1982, only 1 year later it moved to 4616 El Cajon Blvd and was called Vien Dong 2 Supermarket.  We didn’t sell beer or wine, but did have video tape rentals. 


In 1984, it moved again to its current location as Vien Dong 4 Supermarket but was still very small.  Over the years it expanded taking over businesses to the left where the produce dept is now and again to the right where the Meat dept is today.


In 2004, the store was so busy that many people couldn’t shop or even find parking.  It was very frustrating to our community.  


That's when World Foods Supermarket was born. The idea was to provide another location for those who couldn’t get into Vien Dong. 


Now, over 40 years later we are very proud to still be serving you with 2 locations and giving back to our community.



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