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SUN-THU   8:30am-6:30pm    FRI-SAT 8:30am-7:00pm


SUN-THU 9:00AM-7:00PM  FRI-SAT 9:00AM-7:30PM 

The safety of our employees and store guests has always been our number 1 priority.  We have found it necessary to adjust our store operating hours to give us more time to clean and disinfect our stores both before we open and after we close.  Read more about what we are doing below.

In accordance with the new CA state and Trump Administration rules due to COVID-19, we have implemented the following:

  • Social Distancing for safety:

    • 250 people in the store at any one time

    • The outside queue is marked every 6 ft for your safety

    • A store employee will direct you to cashier lanes to prevent crowds when paying

  • Sanitation and Disinfection

    • All shopping carts and baskets are sanitized and disinfected throughout the day

    • Aisles and shelves are done throughout the day by an employee whose main job is to clean, sanitize and disinfect

    • All departments have special processes to sanitize and disinfect their counters, door handles, cases, shelves and surrounding areas every 2 hours at maximum

    • Hand sanitizer for customer use located throughout the stores 


We are fully stocked on most items, some items have limits due to high demand to ensure every family can have what they need. There is never a minimum purchase requirement for any items.


Vien Dong IV & World Foods Supermarket is here to support your family by providing a safe, clean store so you can shop with peace of mind. Together, we will beat COVID-19!

Your Safety Is Our Priority


Please help us with the following:

  • Social Distancing inside the store

  • Cover coughs and sneezing

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